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Who We Are

Who We Are

Today’s Delta embraces new approaches to habitat conservation and a focus on duck production. Delta has proclaimed a declarative position asserting our commitment to stand up for and by waterfowlers everywhere. This is a new Delta, an evolving Delta, that recognizes the world we live in is different than it was a mere decade ago. A world with new challenges and new opportunities.

As waterfowlers continue to decline, the habitat base on the breeding grounds shrinks, and other challenges emerge, the world needs a new Delta, steeped in history, rooted in its historical values, to adapt. A Delta that can be the voice for duck hunters, an advocate for the duck, a guardian of habitat. A Delta with the accumulated wisdom and learning of a century of experience but with a contemporary view on how to accomplish what is needed for ducks and duck hunters.

Delta is an organization poised to grow to meet this challenge. An organization with legions of waterfowl hunters at the ready to secure the future of ducks and duck hunting.

President Frank Rohwer hunting on the Delta Marsh