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Dr. Frank Rohwer

  • Dr. Frank Rohwer - President

    Dr. Frank Rohwer has been working with Delta Waterfowl since 1976. After 2 summers of work as a field technician, Rohwer got even more involved with Delta when he got funding as a graduate student, doing both his Masters research and his doctoral research work at Delta’s famed Minnedosa Field Station in Southwestern Manitoba.

    After a short hiatus in the late 1980s, Rohwer returned to Delta as the Scientific Director in 1991, while simultaneously serving as a wildlife faculty at Louisiana State University. Rohwer served as the head scientist at Delta for over a two decade span.

    Recognizing his strong scientific research background and passion for hunting since he was a child, Delta Waterfowl’s Board of Directors named him President in October 2012. Dr. Rohwer strongly believes that Delta can best serve the needs of waterfowl hunters, which is our clientele, by working to promote effective and efficient management for duck production and by being an advocate for hunters. Delta continues to embrace our scientific background and will always fund research that focuses on waterfowl and waterfowl management, but we are expanding our role to undertake far more active management to serve the needs of ducks and their chief advocates - waterfowl hunters.

  • Executive Staff

    Dr. Scott Petrie - Chief Executive Officer
    Jason Tharpe - Chief Operating Officer
    Tim Beckler - Vice President of Administration and Finance
    Joel Brice - Vice President of Conservation and Hunter Recruitment
    Jonathan Scarth - Senior Vice President of Policy
    John Devney - Vice President of U.S. Policy
    Alex Heiser - Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Membership

  • Program Staff

    Jim Fisher - Director of Conservation Policy
    Matt Chouinard - Conservation Biologist
    Mike Buxton - Staff Biologist

  • Administrative Staff - United States Office

    Karol Jablonski - Senior Director of Human Resources
    Stephanie Thompson - Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative Staff - Canadian Office

    Shirley Dyck - Office Manager
    Cher Gottfredsen - Administrative Assistant

  • Development Staff

    Travis Sheridan - Development Director
    Bryan Muche - Development Director
    TJ Mallette - Development Director
    Lori Schacher - Donor Relations Manager

  • Media & Communications

    Paul Wait - Editor/Publisher
    Kyle Wintersteen - Managing Editor
    Roland Millington - Art Director
    Fred Greenslade - Senior Photographer

  • Marketing & Membership

    Ashley Buetow - Marketing Coordinator
    Stacy Pollestad - Membership Manager
    Bryce Seefeldt - Corporate Partnership Director

  • Events

    Lisa Lawrence - Events Manager
    Lacee Dutchak - Events Coordinator
    Maria Bianco - Events Coordinator
    Nicole Anderson - Fulfillment Specialist

  • Regional Directors

    Chris Williams - Senior Regional Director - VA, NC, SC, GA, South MD, FL
    Bryan Leach - Senior Regional Director - LA, Southern MS
    Scott Terning - ND, SD, MT, WY, CO, AK and outlying states
    Terry Thomas - IL, IN, MI
    Ty Jean - AR, OK
    Jason Douglas - TX, AZ, NM
    Kyle Samples - TN, KY, OH, OR, WA,
    Nic Hampton - IA, NE
    Matt Kneisley - North MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, Northeast Atlantic
    Russ Donnelly - ON, NS, NB, QB, PE, NF
    Garrett Trentham - KS, MO
    Derron Wahlen - MN, WI
    Cooper Huff - MS, AL, FL panhandle