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If you’re a regular Delta Duckcam viewer, you probably know by now that Ruddy 017’s nest has failed. Unfortunately, we will never know why she didn’t return to her nest, but Delta biologists suspect she either abandoned the nest or died while on an incubation break. Though it is unusual at this stage of incubation, abandonment is one of the most common reasons for ruddy nests to fail. Rising water levels and nest parasitism by other hens (dump nesting) are two common reasons for ruddy hens to abandon their nests. Ruddy 017 experienced both. Unfortunately, this also brings the Delta Duckcam season to a close. This year was challenging, primarily because most of the potential nests were found and consumed by predators before Delta technicians had a chance to install the camera. The Duckcam field is located in one of our research control blocks (no predator management) in an area with little remaining grass. Of 18 nests found in the Duckcam field, only Blue-winged Teal 007 has been successful this year. 

Read the full story on Ruddy Duck 017 in our Delta News.


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