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Day on the Prairies

Day on the Prairies

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Thanks to a generous sponsorship by Federal Premium, Delta Waterfowl hosted a group of media professionals to highlight the importance of the prairie breeding grounds to nesting ducks. They witnessed nest searches and egg candling with field technicians, and received in-depth duck knowledge from Delta staff members.

Delta Waterfowl technician Garrett Trentham watches as a mallard flushes off her nest in North Dakota. Technicians pull a chain between two ATVs to locate nests for the study.

Another nest found — no eggs are damaged during this as the chain rides high above the nest bowl.

Delta Waterfowl technicians Luke Gilbert (L) and Garrett Trentham flush a gadwall off her nest during an afternoon check.

Delta Waterfowl President Frank Rohwer is interviewed by Alex Langbell of The Grind Waterfowl TV for an upcoming episode.

A predator got to this nest on a non-trapped site before they could hatch.

Delta President Frank Rohwer talks to the outdoor media about the trail set on a trap block.

A blue-winged teal feigns injury to draw attention away from her nest as she is flushed by technicians — this is generally a sign that her eggs are close to hatch.

The duckling is at the pipping stage and will be out of the shell very soon.

A northern pintail duckling held by Delta President Frank Rohwer at a nest check. When ducklings are found, technicians quickly record the data and leave the area.

The Day on the Prairies crew (L-R) ; Alex Langbell of The Grind Waterfowl TV, Bill Willroth of Dakota Decoy, Delta's Vice President of U.S. Policy John Devney, Federal Premium's Conservation and Public Policy Ryan Bronson, Bill Miller of Bill Miller Outdoors, Technician Luke Gilbert, Technician Garrett Trentham and Delta President Frank Rohwer.