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Tyler Coleman Photos

Tyler Coleman Photos

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Delta Tech Tyler Coleman floats eggs during a nest check in Saskatchewan.

Working for Delta Waterfowl as a field technician has been a dream-come-true for Tyler Coleman. He and several techs are in prairie Saskatchewan as part of a team researching the impact of predator management on overwater nesting ducks, such as canvasbacks.

“Coming from Pennsylvania where you might see a few mallards or wood ducks, to seeing everything here is pretty amazing,” said Coleman, a student at Penn State working toward a degree in Agriculture Science and Wildlife Management.

It’s been a busy summer so far as they drag fields, beat cattails and document their findings. Coleman also has been keeping track with a camera, and has shot quite a few pictures along the way. Here’s just a few snapshots of his life as a Delta field technician.

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The King flushing off of the marsh.

Left; When the waders are not an option, canoes work well for overwater searching. Cody Davis was captaining this canoe, in search of some Canvasback. Right; Delta Tech, Cody Davis was smacking cattails when he spotted The King, soon thereafter the hen flushed and we found her nest to start monitoring.

While checking nests, hens will flush and appear wounded, to try and draw attention away from their nests, and look like an easy meal. In an ideal world the predator will lose site of the nest, and the hen will get away, returning to her nest when the coast is clear.

Left; Delta Tech Tyler Coleman candling an egg to see how far along it is, part of the procedure for every nest found. Right; This is what we see when candling an egg, this Northern Shoveler was around 8 days along in her incubation.

Not an ideal nest check, predators got a meal out of this nest.

Left; In a little down time we were able to down a few snow geese, one landed out over water and Mississippi resident Ethan Massey was able to send his dog Jesse on her first Goose retrieve. Nice Blue at that! Right; While doing some nest searching we noticed a moose, one of the many we saw while working.. Not something you see everyday back in the states, this was my first encounter with a moose.

Ruddy duck trying to “wooh” his hen, the courtship from all the waterfowl is amazing at this time of the year, the Ruddy is a fun one to watch.

Left; Pair counts call for an early morning… It is all worth it for a beautiful sunrise. Right; One of the many great views up here in Saskatchewan!

Left; Ethan Massey and I found this canvasback nest ... 19 eggs, granted some are redhead eggs, still cool! Right; While doing some overwater checking, we stumbled across some Canada Goose offspring, although they are not part of our studies, it is nice to take a break and appreciate the work mama goose had to do to have a successful hatch.