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Warm & Dry: Camo & Clothing

Warm & Dry: Camo & Clothing

Remember your first duck-hunting jacket: A repurposed olive army coat that was about as waterproof as a piece of tissue paper, and just as insulating? Well, the camo clothing and footwear options available from these Delta Waterfowl advertising partners are a dramatic improvement. Combining the latest trends in camouflage, insulation, waterproofing and comfort, these garments will keep duck and goose hunters warm and dry from opening morning to the last day of the season.

There’s nothing worse than leaky waders, which is why Rogers Sporting Goods glued, stitched, taped and hot liquid sealed the seams on its Toughman Elite Waders to assure a dry fit. With 1600-gram Thinsulate boots and hugged in a blanket of 5-millimeter Thermabond Neoprene, staying warm isn’t an issue, either. Double-layered kneepads reinforced with Tough Skin offer triple protection from abrasions, while a sealed inner pouch keeps your smartphone dry during a hunt.

The Grinder Pant and Boreal Bib Pant from Sitka Gear provide hunters with high-performance options for early- and late-season situations. Constructed of a stretch-woven polyester fabric, Grinder Pants will ward off the morning chill while providing breathability as the sun begins to climb. The Boreal Bib Pant is insulated from top to bottom with a blend of duck down and Primaloft fibers, providing all-day warmth with minimal bulk. Both pants come in Gore Optifade camouflage.

Designed to handle a variety of waterfowl hunting scenarios, the new Max-5 pattern from Realtree takes camouflage to an entirely new level. From cattails, corn and grasses to branches, twigs and leaves, the different layered environmental elements of the Max-5 pattern combine for ultra-realism up close, and complete concealment from a distance. Whether 100 yards out or inside the decoy spread, ducks won’t see you until it’s too late.

A quarter century of development went into Shadow Grass Blades camouflage from Mossy Oak, and the result is a pattern perfectly suited for hunts along wetland edges, moist soil management areas and other favorite duck and goose hangouts. Each individual blade of grass is naturally arranged against a background of matted grass thatch, creating an illusion of shadow and depth needed to break up the outline of a hunter.

Worn alone or as a layer when conditions get frigid, the MST Synthetic Down Pac-Jacket and Vest from Drake Waterfowl offer versatility and warmth in a compact size. Both jacket and vest are loaded with ultra-light 150-gram synthetic down, which maintains uniform loft and warmth and won’t compress like natural down. The exterior shell is treated to help repel moisture, and the entire garment will fit into its own vertical chest pocket.

Late-season cold, snow and ice are no match for the Alphaburly Pro 18 from LaCrosse Footwear. The boots are built with 800 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and an embossed neoprene liner to keep feet warm and dry in temperatures well below zero. Available in Advantage Max-4, the Alphaburly features an aggressive tread and adjustable neoprene gusset to keep a hunter sure-footed and comfortable on long walks to the blind.

Stormr’s revolutionary lamination process using ultra-thin neoprene gives the Stealth line the flexibility and warmth needed by waterfowlers during extreme weather conditions. A micro-fleece lining traps warm air and wicks moisture, while exterior fabric and seams remain impervious to wind and water. Other hunter-friendly features include gear pockets, unique interior storage for a cell phone and a kill-switch D-ring for safely running a boat on big water. Available in jacket, bibs, beanie cap and gloves.

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