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Fooling Birds: Duck & Goose Decoys

Fooling Birds: Duck & Goose Decoys

What would waterfowling be without decoys? After all, deceiving ducks and geese into dropping in on a pod of plastic, cork or wooden fakes is what this sport is all about. For the most realistic, innovative and toughest water and field decoys on the market, look no farther than those offered by Delta Waterfowl’s trusted advertising partners.

It’s not easy hunting late-season honkers, but Elite Series Canada Goose Decoys by Hard Core Brands definitely can make it less difficult. Modeled after Hard Core’s flagship one-piece decoys, the Elite Series boasts a realistic paint system that looks good and can take a beating. The Series is available in a Touch Down six-pack of various poses, or the Feeder pack, which includes three active feeders and three hungry feeders. TruMotion bases are standard.

Flambeau Outdoors Storm Front Flocked Head Premium Mallards combine the feathery iridescence of a four-curl greenhead with the realism of UVision paint technology, which matches the reflectance of waterfowl feathers in the full range of light visible to passing ducks. Each six-pack includes three hens and three variously posed drakes with flocked heads — a versatile package effective in almost any hunting scenario.

With a 17-step paint process, flocked heads and anatomically correct bodies in eight unique styles, the only thing keeping Dakota Decoy X-Treme Full Body Mallards from migrating south is a pulse. Each 12-pack comes standard with Wind Walker motion bases that offer simple decoy placement and lifelike movement. Constructed of Dakota’s tough blend of plastics, the X-Treme Full Body Mallards offer years of trouble-free use.

White-fronted geese are suckers for field spreads, especially when they include the Tanglefree Full Body Specklebelly Goose Combo Pack. The one-piece molded decoys come six in a box, with four feeders and two uprights. Place the included round bases on hard or frozen ground, or set the field stakes in softer dirt. With detailed feathering, a simple design, and tough construction, these decoys were built to fool specks again and again.

The Wonderduck Skimmer rings the dinner bell when migrators are feeding. If equipped with a 5-second delay timer, the motorized swimming decoy simulates the feeding motion of a duck gorging on pond goodies. Fine-tune the adjustable head to your liking. Bill-in-water, and start-and-stop motion makes the Skimmer irresistible. Orange, weedless paddling feet and two 500-RPM motors keep the Skimmer chugging all day.

At just 12 pounds per dozen, Real Geese Pro Series II Canada Decoys offer the bird-attracting power of a three-dimensional decoy in a compact, two-dimensional package. Each decoy uses true-to-life color-matched artwork and features Real Geese’s patented, textured, non-reflective surface on both sides to eliminate bird-spooking glare. Wooden field stakes come standard.

The Velvet Feather Decoy Finish Kit by Aero Outdoors brings blocks to life. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, the flocking kit comes with custom-blended commercial nylon fibers and in-house manufactured Ure-Glue, a durable water-based urethane with unmatched adhesion and flexibility. Basic and complete kits are available for Canada geese, mallards and snow geese, as well as 30 bulk colors to suit any decoy.

Lucky Duck put 3D-printed, injection-molded plastic wings on its and created a motorized motion decoy that stands out in the flock. The remote-ready, full-sized spinning-wing decoy comes with a 6-volt battery, smart charger and redesigned 42-inch, three-piece stake. The durable magnetic wings and quick-clip stake make assembly and disassembly a snap, and turn the Lucky Hot Shot into a portable spinner.

The realistic paint scheme and carved detail in Avian-X Topflight Pintail Decoys will give any passing bull sprig whiplash. Coupled with advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint, each six-pack can survive season upon season of use and abuse. Included are two feeder drakes, two low-head drakes and two low-head hens, all of which boast a weight-forward swim keel design that allows natural motion in the slightest current or breeze.

To add that mesmerizing motion wary birds can’t ignore, Deadly Decoys Inc. makes lightweight and durable windsock decoys that shimmy and shake in even a whisper of wind. The Canada Goose and Mallard decoys come with fully flocked feeder or sentry heads, powder-coated stainless steel stakes, and a patented No-Break BackBone support that keeps them at attention even on calm days.

There’s nothing quite like buzzing teal to get the adrenaline flowing, and Mojo Outdoors Blue Wing Teal motorized decoy was designed just for them. Realistic body, superfast wings, three-piece pole and a patented direct-drive system result in a decoy that really sucks in the teal. It operates up to 16 hours on four AA batteries, so your heart will be thumping until you either shoot a limit or run out of ammo.

The Auto Jerk Decoy System creates lifelike movement that kills. It offers all the benefits of decoys rigged with a jerk cord without the hassle of juggling a jerk string, calling and shooting at the same time. Packable, portable and just 10 minutes to deploy, the Auto Jerk creates mesmerizing ripples all day on a full charge in a wide range of water depths.