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Hiding Well: Blinds

Hiding Well: Blinds

Whether hunting a field for migrating honkers, or setting up along a flooded riverbank awaiting migrating mallards, waterfowlers know the importance of concealment. Designed with comfort, functionality and portability in mind, the blinds offered by the following Delta Waterfowl advertisers will keep hunters invisible until the shot is called. There are field blinds to conceal retrievers, too, and covers for pits and permanent blinds.

Whether cut, combined or chisel-plowed, no field is too difficult to hide in with the Beavertail Blanket. At 7-feet long and 4½-feet wide, the three-dimensional, ghillie-style customizable blanket is ideal for blind concealment or old-school, low-profile protection in fields with little to no cover — perfect for when the birds get wise to layout blinds. Stuff natural vegetation into the sewn-in stubble straps for added concealment.

Gibson’s Duck Blind Covers put the same thought and effort into their Original Flip Flop Blind Covers as you would the installation of a permanent pit blind. Made from powder-coated steel and natural grass material, the covers form a nearly complete horizontal canopy over the top of the blind when closed, but fall away easily when hunters stand to shoot. There’s also a generous window to discretely watch working flocks.

The Low Rider II uses no pins and sets up in 30 seconds, making the Rig’Em Right layout blind so simple it can be slapped together in the pitch black while wearing thick gloves. Festooned in harvest tan or Realtree Max-5 camo, the low-profile design cuts down on shadows for easier hiding. A multi-layered padded seat, backrest and headrest retains warmth, and the large foot bag adds comfort. All-metal hardware, plenty of storage and hunt-friendly features combine to keep you hunting longer.

Cupped Up Outdoors created its Muskrat Hut Float Tube Duck Blind to provide total concealment for a single hunter in a marsh, flooded field or open water. Walk-in waterfowlers will appreciate the flexibility of the lightweight rig, which has a retractable canopy and shock-cord loops for brush. Handy pockets keep shells and gear within reach. Available in three models: Original Brown, Muddy Water Camouflage and a reversible unit that changes from camo to white for snowy days.

Because laying flat all day can be a pain in the posterior, Cabela’s Northern Flight Sit-Up Layout Blind keeps you in an upright, seated ready-to-shoot position at all times. It features a spacious interior with easy-access zippered doors, an adjustable ergonomic lumbar pad and raised kneepad for added comfort. The 600-denier woven polyester shell and weather resistant backing shed the worst Mother Nature can dish out. Available wrapped in Realtree Max-4 or Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades.

Weighing in at just 9 pounds, the FLP Blind by Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear easily totes to and from the field when driving to the X isn’t an option. Featuring a strong, adjustable aluminum backrest frame with padded headrest and zippered back storage area, the FLP’s V-shaped stubble straps on the upper body hood allows for extra concealment without impeding the hunter’s field of view. The blind folds up in seconds, with adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient handle.

Whether used on a boat, permanent structure or pit blind, Speed Reed synthetic grass panels from Camo Unlimited provide a versatile concealment solution for waterfowl hunters. Individual 2-foot, 28-inch panels feature solid mounting points for attachment, and are treated to remove any shine or glare that might alert ducks and geese. Speed Reed panels comes in a natural cattail color, but can be custom painted to match the habitat.

Poor concealment from the watchful eyes of waterfowl as they fly over a blind is a surefire way to bust a hunt. Dura Cover’s polypropylene blind covers have long provided overhead concealment options for the conscientious duck and goose hunter. Made in the U.S.A., the blind covers can be custom designed to fit any size opening and will keep out ice, snow and rain. If covered from the sun after each hunt, the blind covers are known to last for more than 20 years.

The Switchback Dog Blind from Waterfowl Junkie is a soft-sided dog blind with a quick-release metal gate that keeps the dog corralled until the shooting is over, which is perfect for first-time pups or unsteady dogs. Fully collapsible and sets up in seconds, the 40-inch by 26½-inch by 18-inch Switchback can be used with the gate or included zip-on curtain. It even doubles as a dog carrier when the hunt is done.