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Top Tools: Hunting Accessories

Top Tools: Hunting Accessories

Waterfowlers are gear junkies: That’s just a fact. If it helps us bag a duck or goose, or keeps our retrievers and us comfortable during a hunt, we have to have it. From bags and hats to hearing protection and motion decoy add-ons, we collect it all. Delta Waterfowl’s advertisers have just the hunting accessories you need for a successful season in the marsh.

The Rig’Em Right Deluxe Spinner Bag protects and transports two spinning-wing decoys in a single, heavy-duty floating carrying case. Pockets store spare batteries, padded slots protect fragile wings and accommodate extension poles, and extra external pockets allow easy access to spare thumbscrews and miscellaneous gear. The bag also boasts a heavy-duty EVA bottom and metal hardware for years of use.

No need to hide your head when birds are working with Phantom Goose Flag Hats. The warm fleece Canada Goose Hat breaks up the outline of a human head so you can keep an eye on birds as they fly into shotgun range without ducking for cover. Don’t be afraid to watch the flock: As hunters turn their heads, the hat’s movement adds motion and attracting power to a decoy spread.

Easily hear a buddy call the shot without having to endure damaging muzzle blast with Electronic Shooters Protection’s custom-fit Dynamic. The omnidirectional microphone self activates to detect noises from every angle, and will auto-calibrate natural sounds to optimize them for an individual’s unique hearing needs. All the while, hearing remains protected by keeping damaging gunshots below harmful sound levels.

The roomy 2,830-cubic-inch Tenzing TZ WF13 Waterfowl Bag was designed for the constantly wet, muddy and cold environment waterfowlers frequent. Twenty-seven pockets keep every shell, call and gadget organized, while being protected by waterproof 600 Denier polyester fabric and a rigid EVA base. Tucked inside are fleece-lined hand muffs that can be removed on cold days, and a padded shoulder strap with six bird loops lets you carry out more than you brought in.

If one spinning-wing decoy is good, then the flock-effect produced by The Swarm Stick will attract birds by the migration-load. The 7-foot poll has 13 height adjustments, and will accommodate three spinners set at varying heights to replicate the hodge-podge of a landing flock of ducks. The Swarm Stick can be used with numerous brands and sizes of spinning-wing decoys, and the arms fold down for compact transportation.

WildEars are high fidelity hearing enhancement devices designed specifically for hunting. They automatically block loud noises, such as gunfire, while boosting hearing to catch a far-off honk or subtle feeding chuckle of mallards. Volume is easily adjustable, and preset programs designed for different situations are accessed with the push of a button. WildEars are custom fit for added performance and all-day comfort.