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Fetch ‘Em: Retriever Tools

Fetch ‘Em: Retriever Tools

Would you have half as much fun hunting ducks and geese without your favorite retriever in the blind? Doubtful. Our dogs give everything in the field and ask very little in return. Look to these Delta Waterfowl advertising partners to keep your faithful hunting companion in shape and outfitted in the best gear for a safe, comfortable waterfowl season.

Kinetic Performance Dog Food products meet the dietary requirements of active working, sporting and competition canines. Made without corn, wheat or soy, the four Kinetic formulas — Active, Puppy, Power and Ultra — meet the elevated requirements of high-energy retrievers for endurance, recovery and digestive health. All contain a common ingredient profile to enable stress-free transitions from one formula to another during periods requiring higher or lower caloric intake.

The applications for SportDOG’s Launcher system are ideal for preparing a retriever for the marsh, hunt tests and field trials. From one transmitter, a trainer can remotely control as many as 36 launching devices from ½-mile away. Add an extra layer of realism while training for steadiness and marked retrieves by enabling the launcher to emit the sound of a duck quack, pheasant cackle or shotgun report. Launchers and receivers are waterproof and sustain a charge for 80 hours.

The Pro Series 550 from Garmin Tri-Tronics builds on the proven performance of the tube-style transmitters with improved functionality as an easy-to-use training tool. Only one hand is needed on the transmitter to operate the top-mounted intensity dial, large front buttons and toggle switches, which control 21 levels of stimulation, vibration and tone on up to three dogs. Rugged, waterproof receivers feature unique remote-activated beacon lights to locate your retriever in the dark.

The Itchy Dog Skin and Coat Formula from ZoomDog is a blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that comes in tablet form. Healthy skin and a vibrant coat are vital for keeping a retriever warm and healthy throughout the training and hunting seasons, but preventing dryness, inflammation or itching can be difficult when your dog is exposed to harsh conditions. Formulated to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition, Itchy Dog supplements will help your dog scratch less and hunt more.

The R.A.P.T. 1400 remote trainer from D.T. Systems uses a patented curved transmitter design, which frees both hands to handle other tasks in the blind or training in the field. An adjustable strap on the waterproof and floating transmitter offers a secure and comfortable fit, and the compact, lightweight collar fits dogs of all sizes. Available in black or camouflage, the R.A.P.T. features a 1,400-yard range, 16 stimulation levels, and is expandable to handle three dogs.

A hard-working retriever requires the proper fuel to perform and recover from a day in the field, and Loyall Professional Formula premium dog foods are formulated to meet those demanding nutritional needs. The High Performance formula includes 26 percent crude protein and 24 percent fat for energy and repletion recovery, while a blend of natural glucosamine, Omega-3 and Omega-6 help maintain a healthy skin and coat.