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Why are ducks wary on cloudy days?

Why are ducks wary on cloudy days?

Q: Why are ducks so weary on cloudy days? I had the perfect setup in timber brush and it seemed like the ducks would circle twice flying just out of range. We had even face masks on well secluded from sight. I just think that those ducks were migrating ducks & have been shot at too much. - Jason

A: Growing up in the upper Midwest we always longed for stormy weather and grey leaden skies that we all see in pictures and read about in the classic waterfowling stories. But my experience is day in and day out bright skies are much easier to find concealment if you show care to avoid shining faces.

I believe that it is because bright skies create various shadows in which under proper concealment provides an additional layer of “camouflage”. And if you can set up with the sun at your back, decoying and circling birds will be looking directly into the sun which makes it more difficult for them to pick you out. Also an additional benefit of bright skies is that it is much easier to pick drakes! Thanks for the question and good hunting!