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Are there times when I shouldn't call ducks and geese?

Are there times when I shouldn't call ducks and geese?

Q: Are there times when one shouldn't call to ducks and geese? I've noticed several hunts where we were just sitting back in the blind eating breakfast or just warming up and had ducks come right in without any calling. - Michael Edens

A: I am sure most duck and goose hunters have had very similar things happen to them. Some days ducks and geese will pile in on aggressive calling, some days they want a little and some days they want none. I am unsure of why this occurs, but perhaps it has something to do with hunting pressure, weather or the fact that ducks and geese occasionally do things we can’t understand!

I always try to vary my technique daily to see what will work and what just flat won’t when it comes to calling. If calling is effective, we concentrate there, but if it doesn’t we will focus on other ways to catch passing birds attention such as flagging, using jerk strings, larger decoy spreads, changing locations, etc. The key is always be watching the birds and learn what they want. If you can clue in to the subtle cues birds give, it will make your days afield much more productive!

Thanks for your question and best of luck!

—John Devney