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Can you be successful hunting at dusk?

Can you be successful hunting at dusk?

Q: As a new waterfowl hunter, one thing I have not been able to find information about is duck hunting in the evening. Can one be successful at dusk? Is this tactic better on small or large water? Or do the birds just not fly at this time? Thanks in advance! —Chad Depperschmidt

A: Great question! The availability of strong afternoon/evening hunts is a local phenomenon in my experience. While evening shoots here in the Prairies are typically not the best choice (we do 99% of our hunting in the morning saving the afternoons for scouting or chasing upland birds), my old haunts at Lake of the Woods on the Minnesota/Ontario border was clearly a case where afternoons and evenings were far better.

I would scout extensively in the areas you frequent both morning and afternoon and note flight paths, loafing, feeding areas etc. If your area like most others is a morning location, also remember that afternoons and evenings may hold great promise on large flight days or when weather changes dramatically. And remember, even if you can only get out in the afternoon, you are always better off afield as very few ducks are shot at your office desk.

Thanks again and good hunting!