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Do all ducks have keen eyesight?

Do all ducks have keen eyesight?

Q: Do all ducks have keen eyesight? I know to not move as best I can when birds are working, but can they really see subtle changes on the ground from long distances? Or, am I 'safe' standing up a bit and calling until they get within a certain number of yards? - Rick Schussel

A: From my experience ducks and geese do have exceptional vision (maybe not as good as an old Tom turkey or a cagey whitetail buck) nonetheless, it is an important consideration in hunting ducks and geese effectively! I encourage hunters to think of visual capabilities of ducks and geese from the perspective of the birds rather than their own. Ducks and geese perspective from the air is different than a persons view at 6 feet. This is something to think about this as you design your blinds and set up in natural cover. Remember a “fort” that looks good at 6 feet may be lacking the overhead cover needed to conceal you from approaching birds or those circling over the top.

Also, I think the killer for most hunters is movement. Minimizing movement is the absolute key in consistently decoy ducks. As far as standing up and calling you should be fine as long as long as the cover breaks up your outline and you can ensure movement is minimized. I hope this helps!

—John Devney