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Iowa Chapter Focuses on Habitat with Water Structure

Iowa Chapter Focuses on Habitat with Water Structure

Although off-limits to hunting, the Allen Green Refuge is nonetheless important to Burlington, Iowa, waterfowlers. Located just west of the Mississippi River, the refuge and accompanying Ray Lake serve as a resting and feeding stop for several thousand migratory waterfowl each spring and fall.

The Aldo Leopold Chapter partnered with the Mississippi Valley Caller’s Association in July to help fund and install a $1,500 inline water-control structure at the 148-acre refuge. The Delta chapter used Waterfowl Heritage Funds gleaned from successful annual banquets to help cover the final $4,000 price tag.

“The river bulrush choked out most of the more beneficial moist-soil species that ducks and other migratory birds prefer,” said Andy Robbins, wildlife management biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “With the pump, we can establish species such as millet, smartweed and bidens to attract migratory waterfowl, and then flood it in the fall.”