Delta News

Delta Launches New Vision For Chapters

Due to an overwhelming interest in forming chapters and establishing fundraising events across the U.S. and Canada, Delta staff has been working to develop a unique structure for events.

In order to assist in the Chapter development, Delta has recently added Director of Event Fundraising, Mike Nevins to its Bismarck staff.

Mike comments on the new Chapter program. “What we are setting out to do is break new ground as far as traditional Chapter events have been structured. We recognize the tremendous asset that our pool of volunteers brings to Delta and we need for those people to not just assist us in our membership and fundraising efforts, but also we need to enlist their help in acting as ambassadors for our work on behalf of the future of ducks and hunting.”

“We recognize the desire for local Chapters to see some of their money invested locally into programs that can have a real impact in the community. We believe that getting children involved through mentored youth hunts is truly one of the greatest opportunities for members of a Chapter to make a difference with a portion of the proceeds from their efforts.”

For more information on starting a local Chapter call the Bismarck office toll free at 888-987-3695.