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Delta Applauds MP Breitkreuz For Launching Outdoor Caucus

Recognizing that fishing, hunting, trapping and shooting sports are important components of Canada’s culture and heritage, Saskatchewan Member of Parliament (MP) Garry Breitkreuz has proposed organizing an Outdoors Caucus within the Parliament of Canada.

In a letter to MPs and Senators, MP Breitkreuz proposed a non-partisan group that would meet as needed to discuss issues of interests to Canadian outdoors enthusiasts.

MP Breitkreuz credited Delta Waterfowl for its support and guidance in developing the Outdoors Caucus concept. “From the beginning, Delta Waterfowl has worked closely with my office in laying out the groundwork for the caucus,” he said.

“This is great news for Canadian sportsmen,” says Delta President Rob Olson, who credited Delta’s Vice President of Policy for Prairie Canada Robert D. Sopuck for his efforts in behalf of the caucus. “Delta applauds MP Breitkreuz for taking this important step in behalf of Canada’s outdoor heritage.”

In a letter to fellow MPs, Breitkreuz said the caucus’ mission would be to entrench in law fishing, hunting, trapping and shooting sports as acceptable, traditional, environmentally-sustainable outdoor heritage activities, with safety and a conservation ethic as its highest priorities.

MP Breitkreuz says the Outdoors Caucus would set as goals: Ensuring that the 5 million Canadians who participate in outdoor sports would have reasonable access to federally managed public lands and waters; increasing awareness of the economic importance of outdoor-heritage activities; preserving and promoting outdoor activities and environmental stewardship, and supporting multiple sustainable uses and management of public lands, waters, fish, wildlife and habitat based on sound science and professional natural-resource tenets.

MP Breitkreuz said interest in the Outdoors Caucus has been strong, with 21 MPs indicating an interest to join and that number growing daily.

For additional information, contact Robert D. Sopuck at 204-848-4007, or Dr. Robert Bailey at 613-283-6866.