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ALUS Program Means Farmers Are Growing A Better PEI Agricultural groups eager for similar programs across Canada

Ottawa & Winnipeg – The announcement of a province-wide Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program in Prince Edward Island is an important milestone for farmers and landowners who are committed to growing a better environment. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) would like to congratulate the ALUS team in PEI for moving forward with this historic announcement.

“This is the first province-wide ALUS program in Canada, and we want to celebrate this important event,” says KAP President Ian Wishart. “It’s really exciting to have watched ALUS grow from an idea to a proposal that was supported by farmers and conservationists across the country, and now to a full-scale provincial program.”

PEI has recognized that farmers can go above and beyond for the environment, in a way that no other group of citizens can. ALUS will provide incentives to farmers who maintain and enhance the environmental goods and services that exist on their land – things like riparian areas, waterfowl and wildlife habitat, clean water, flood control, and carbon sequestration. Farmers will be paid for these services through financial payments, tax credits, and other incentives.

“We are pleased to see the expansion of this incentive-based concept to help farmers offset the costs of providing ecological goods and services to PEI. This announcement is a starting point from which we look forward to seeing the program achieve its true potential,’’ says PEI Federation of Agriculture President John Colwill.

“Farmers from across the country are ready, willing, and able to be the leaders in environmental stewardship,” says CFA President Bob Friesen. “In response, the government of Prince Edward Island has made a strong commitment to farmers. Through ALUS, they’ve created a tool for farmers that will help them to excel in providing real environmental benefits to their province.”

CFA and KAP remain committed to working with our partners in PEI and across Canada to create a national ALUS program. A pilot project in Manitoba is currently entering its third year, and was recently expanded in an Ontario county. ALUS projects have also been proposed in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

For more information about the ALUS – PEI project, please contact ALUS coordinator Shawn Hill at (902) 620-3725. ALUS was originally developed by KAP and Delta Waterfowl in an agricultural and conservation partnership that continues to help guide ALUS as it grows across the country.
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For more information, please contact:
Ian Wishart, KAP President. Cell: (204) 856-6964.
Bob Friesen, CFA President. Cell: (613) 866-7611.
John Colwill, PEIFA President. Office: (902) 368-7289
Lenore Kowalchuk, KAP Communications. Office: (204) 697-1140. Cell: (204) 792-2661.