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Delta Waterfowl Applauds Private Member’s Bill to Eliminate Long Gun Registry

Winnipeg—The Delta Waterfowl Foundation supports the private member’s bill to eliminate the costly and ineffective long gun registry.

Introduced by Yorkton-Melville Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz, the bill (C-301), if passed, would eliminate the long gun registry, streamline the licensing system and require a cost-benefit analysis of the Firearms Program every five years to ensure taxpayers are benefitting from it.

“Delta Waterfowl manages hunting recruitment and youth hunting programs across Canada, and we have said since its passage that the long gun registry serves only to impede the lawful use of firearms by hunters while doing little to address real crime issues,” said Delta Waterfowl President Rob Olson. “Simply put, the long gun registry is short-sighted public policy that undercuts our mission to conserve waterfowl populations and preserve our great waterfowl-hunting heritage in Canada and across North America.”

Olson says he applauds the tireless work of Mr. Breitkreuz, who since the registry’s inception has educated the Canadian public about the shortcomings of the current Firearms Act.

“Mr. Breitkreuz exemplifies the very best of what it means to be an accountable, elected official,” said Olson. “He has listened to the will of his constituents and has worked tirelessly on their behalf and indeed on the behalf of all law abiding firearm owners across Canada.”

In this minority Parliament, the support of some MP’s from opposition parties will be required to pass the bill. Olson calls on opposition MP’s, many of whom represent constituencies with strong hunting and firearm ownership traditions, to support Mr. Breitkreuz’s bill. Free votes, Olson says, are the tradition for private member’s bills, and should continue to be.

“Delta Waterfowl hopes that a number of opposition MP’s will carry out the wishes of their constituents and work to pass Bill C-301,” said Olson. “Delta Waterfowl urges