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Canada Loosens Goose Limits

Canada Loosens Goose Limits

GOOSE HUNTERS in Canada will have a chance to shoot more birds this fall.

Newly published regulation changes that go into force this season include higher daily and possession limits for non-resident goose hunters, as well as opening up Ross’s geese as a legal target during the spring conservation season.

New rules include:
• Increasing the daily combined limit of Canada geese, cackling geese, white-fronted geese and brant to eight for non-resident hunters in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Game Bird Zone 1 in Manitoba. The possession limit increases to 24.

• Increasing the daily limit of white-fronted geese to five (it was four) for non-resident hunters in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The possession limit increases to 15.

• Increases the bag limit of Canada geese and cackling geese in Ontario to five daily.

• Establishes a spring conservation season for snow geese and Ross’s geese in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

• Opens Ross’s geese to hunting during the spring conservation season in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut.

• Increases daily bag limit to 50 snow geese and Ross’s geese in Manitoba, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The possession limit is removed.

• Extends the spring conservation season in Saskatchewan through June 15, and allows all-day hunting.

After a year of liberal regulations on black ducks, Canada will revert back to a moderate harvest level for the upcoming season. Maritime hunters will have daily limits of four black ducks in some zones, and two in other areas. In addition, the daily limit on Barrow’s goldeneye has dropped to one.

Environment Canada is moving two-year cycle of setting regulations, so these changes are in effect for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 hunting seasons.