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5 Decoy Tips for Diver Hunting

5 Decoy Tips for Diver Hunting

It’s diver time! Here are a few decoy pointers to help bring more ducks to the guns this season.

• Most diving ducks want to land facing into the wind. Set your decoy spread so the ducks are landing toward open water, and not facing your blind. They’ll finish better.

• Even if you are hunting a smaller body of water, consider running longlines. Lines make setting a J or L pattern easier, and picking the spread up to move is much faster and easier than with single-rigged decoys.

• Some ducks are notoriously species-specific, so run a mix of different diver decoys. Buffleheads and goldeneyes tend to prefer their own kind, so to target them, make sure you have a few buffs and goldies in the rig.

• Wind, wave action and current can be quite powerful. You never want to be chasing or untangling decoys, so make sure you use enough weight to hold your decoys firmly in place.

• Diver hunters always want white in their spreads, and rightly so. But don’t discount the dark decoys. On bright days, the hens and darker-bodied decoys such as drake redheads really show up well on the water.