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Delta Waterfowl Hires Programs Manager for Great Lakes Initiative

Delta Waterfowl Hires Programs Manager for Great Lakes Initiative

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Delta Waterfowl welcomes Tim Cameron as waterfowl programs manager for the Great Lakes Initiative.

Cameron, 54, will deliver youth-hunter and trapper-education courses, address invasive species issues, oversee a significant expansion of Delta’s Hen House program and assist with chapter events in the Great Lakes region.

An avid sportsman, Cameron is a lifelong advocate of conservation and hunter education. He spent 15 years as the provincial conservation education coordinator for New Brunswick, managing courses in firearm safety, hunting, trapping and nuisance wildlife removal. More recently he was employed by the Maritime College of Forest Technology as director of continuing education.

“Tim’s background is rooted in science and education, making him a perfect fit for the position,” said Dr. Scott Petrie, Delta’s chief executive officer. “We are pleased to find someone with his passion for hunting and the necessary skillset to share that passion with duck hunters in the Great Lakes.”

Raised in southern Ontario, Cameron looks forward to serving the needs of waterfowl and waterfowl hunters through the Great Lakes Initiative. Announced this month, the initiative will focus on wetland conservation, research, education, duck production and hunting advocacy throughout the Great Lakes.

“I feel lucky to have this opportunity to introduce more people to duck hunting, the region’s rich trapping heritage, and the role of both activities in wildlife management and duck production,” Cameron said. “We’re going to deliver for ducks and duck hunters.”

Cameron will be based in Ontario. Contact him at (506) 999-0019 or

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