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Quick Tips for Boat Buyers

Quick Tips for Boat Buyers

A duck boat opens up vast hunting opportunities, but the many options can intimidate first-time buyers. Let’s simplify matters: Most duck boats fall into three categories. Choose the one that best fits how and where you hunt.

Light Crafts
Canoes, kayaks and tiny, specialized duck boats are ideal for hunting creeks, secluded potholes and shallow backwaters. Their dimensions allow convenient storage and transport, plus many can be dragged to areas lacking vehicle access. The compromise is a lack of space for decoys, and don’t even think about launching one in rough conditions.

V-Bottom Hulls
If you want to hunt divers or sea ducks on big water, a V-hull is really a no-brainer. Its weight provides stability, while its angled bow and aggressive keel cut waves for smoother rides in rough water. V-hulls also offer plenty of freeboard, ensuring rolling seas don’t splash hunters’ faces. On the flipside, V-hulls are generally less capable of traversing the shallows or hunting from shore.

Flat-Bottom Hulls
A flat-bottom johnboat is a great choice for negotiating flooded timber and shallower waters. Slap on a mud motor and you can hunt practically anywhere. Additionally, a flat-bottom’s lack of keel is perfect for hunting from shore, and its width provides sufficient balance to safely secure a boat blind. However, expect a bumpier ride, and don’t risk capsizing a johnboat on big water in windy conditions.