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Farmers' Conservation Program Continues to Grow

Winnipeg - This week's meeting of agricultural ministers has ended in the creation of an important deputy minister committee that will work on a new farmer-friendly conservation program.

Keystone Agricultural Producers Vice President Ian Wishart was in PEI to present Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS) to ministers and deputy ministers. ALUS is an incentive-based and farmer-directed conservation program that KAP believes should be established across the country. It has been supported by farm organizations across the country and by Delta Waterfowl, a North American leader in conservation efforts.

"ALUS is the way to achieve Canada's environmental goals of cleaner water and air, healthier soils, and increasing biodiversity," says Wishart, who was the lead in developing ALUS and instrumental in building support for the concept within the farming community, conservation groups, and government. "ALUS shows us that there are new opportunities in agriculture, and ways to recognize farmers for the environmental services they provide to all Canadians."

KAP and other farm organizations have proposed that ALUS be tested by pilot projects across Canada, and Wishart asked ministers for their support. As a result, a deputy minister committee will take a closer look at ALUS and the ecological goods and services created by agriculture.

Manitoba is well on its way to establishing the first ALUS pilot project in Canada, as a result of strong support from Manitoba Minister Rosann Wowchuk and Deputy Minister Barry Todd and a partnership between KAP and the Delta Waterfowl Foundation.

The ALUS deputy minister committee will be co-chaired by Barry Todd and John MacQuarrie, from PEI.

Keystone Agricultural Producers is a democratically controlled general farm policy organization which represents and promotes the interests of agriculture and agricultural producers in Manitoba.