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ALUS Task Force Established in Saskatchewan

September 25, 2006 (Regina) – It was announced today that an Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) task force has been established in Saskatchewan to develop an environmental services pilot project. The ALUS pilot project is intended to test the feasibility of providing incentives to producers for the protection of environmental assets. This is exciting news for both agricultural producers and environmental groups in Saskatchewan.

The task force is composed of participants from a wide range of Saskatchewan organizations interested in establishing ecological goods and services programs. Similar programs exist in the United States and many European countries.

Participating members of the task force are from the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS), the Delta Waterfowl Foundation, the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA), and the Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification Boards (PCAB). Dr. Suren Kulshreshtha, Professor of Agricultural Economics with the University of Saskatchewan is acting in an advisory capacity.

The task force is seeking expressions of interest from rural municipalities (R.M.s) across the province to host the pilot project. It is anticipated that the pilot project will be established by the spring of 2007 and will test the feasibility of ALUS as a locally-driven approach to delivering social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Regional diversity requires that each province look at their specific needs. A pilot project is already functioning in Manitoba and a number of other provinces are developing similar projects. The Saskatchewan project will be designed specifically for Saskatchewan’s needs.


For further information, contact:
Glenn Blakley, chair
Telephone: (306) 643-4910
Cell: (306) 745-7257