What We Do



Delta's Adopt A Pothole Program was established in 1991, and linked interested waterfowl enthusiasts with prairie grain farmers, the landowners who are ultimately responsible for managing roughly 70% of all breeding waterfowl habitat. Landowners involved with Adopt A Pothole sign perpetual wetland easements agreeing not to drain the wetlands and associated uplands. You can help as well by supporting this program through your donation.

Following in the footsteps of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (which has been signing wetland easements since the 1950s) the program works with Canadian landowners where wetlands are more vulnerable. Working in partnership with the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation since 1999 we have secured a total of 215 wetland easements and 35,000 acres of wetlands and upland acres as of the spring of 2009, truly a legacy in conservation efforts!

Complementing the wetland easement program is the use of Hen Houses on the same wetlands. Delta and the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation are combining to install 200 Hen Houses per year, with 2,300 out collectively in Manitoba.

Delta has had many partners in funding and working to protect wetlands including the Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Arkansas state duck stamp funds, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, and the state of Wisconsin. These efforts are also coordinated and funded by the US federal government through the North America Wetlands Conservation Act as part of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan.

Become a partner in this effort today by donating to Delta Waterfowl.