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Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

Delta Waterfowl works with Canadian farmers and ranchers to grow more ducks, and our Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program is changing the way conservation programs are delivered as it conserves wetlands and grass. And you can help by supporting Delta's ALUS program today.

ALUS was developed through lengthy discussions between Delta Waterfowl and Canadian farmers and ranchers. It is built on the principle that the landowner knows best where to grow food and where to grow ducks, and given the right incentives will do the best job managing the working landscape for all of the things we need, including ducks. Traditional conservation programs that buy land or penalize landowners send the wrong signal, and Delta Waterfowl is growing support for a new way of doing business on the vast privately owned landscape in Canada that grows the ducks that we enjoy hunting. Community based and delivered by farmers and ranchers, ALUS is conserving wetlands and grass across Canada. Become a part of this innovative program by donating to Delta Waterfowl today!