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Will mottled ducks nest in a Delta Hen House?

Hi Paul,

Great question! Mallards and Mottled ducks share a lot of similarities when it comes down to habitat selection and challenges they are faced with during the breeding season. Even though Mottled ducks do not make the migration up to the same breeding grounds as mallards, they are still faced with low nest success due to habitat loss, wetland loss, and predation. Hen Houses have actually been installed for Mottled ducks in areas around the Rockefeller Refuge LA, the Atchafalaya Delta as well as around Deweyville TX. However, in these areas the structures have been found to be unsuccessful.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. On a more positive note, Mottled ducks have used Nesting Islands as an alternate nesting site, so long as the Islands are isolated from predators and the habitat is carefully managed.

Thanks Paul!