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Hen Houses

The Most Effective Mallard Production Tool We Have! Across North America the mallard is number one. It is the most numerous and most popular duck species, both in the field and on the table. Through the Delta Duck Production program you can directly help to increase mallard production by supporting the Hen House program. Hen House program sites can be considered “Mallard Factories”. Similar in concept to wood duck boxes, Hen Houses are artificial nesting structures designed to provide mallards with a safe place to nest. Delta’s student research program has studied Hen Houses since 1991 and the findings are impressive. Mallards using Hen House nesting structures experience an average nest success of 80%. Use of Hen House nesting structures increases with time and typically levels out at 80% occupancy, making the Hen House program an extremely cost effective way to increase mallard productivity.

Delta Waterfowl’s plan to get more local programs across the breeding grounds is twofold. First, Delta recognizes the role that individuals, clubs and wildlife managers can play in constructing and erecting Hen House nesting structures in local areas. Delta provides information on this web site on how to build, install, and maintain Hen Houses to make it easy for other entities to enhance mallard production. A couple of great examples include a group in western New York that has employed a modified tripod support system with great success over the past many years and a group in central Minnesota that has used a ‘double barrel’ design. Make a donation today! The Delta Waterfowl Hen House program is an extremely cost effective way to increase mallard production and preserve duck hunting culture. If you prefer you can donate over the phone calling Delta's toll free number, 888.987.3695 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon–Fri).