What We Do



In order to secure abundant fall flights of ducks for today and tomorrow, Delta Waterfowl’s policy staff, biologists and researchers are working each day to ensure that you as waterfowl hunter have a voice in key policy forums across North America. Through this work, Delta’s can achieve tremendous leverage for you but your support is needed.

As waterfowlers, policy impacts our days in the duck blind in ways that may not be immediately clear. For example, the habitat base upon which our flocks depend are ultimately dictated by a range of policy actions from local to federal and from administrative to legislative. These actions by governments can either have large scale positive impacts on waterfowl and their habitat or they can devastate wetlands, grasslands or the birds themselves. Delta Waterfowl is working with farmers and ranchers across the breeding grounds to seek mutually beneficial policies that conserve habitat and increase duck production and serve the private landowners interests. Delta’s recognition of private property rights, emphasis on voluntary, incentive based conservation is borne out of the recognition that over 90% of our ducks are produced on private lands and farmers and ranchers control the fall flights we enjoy. Support Delta's policy efforts by donating today.