What We Do




Over the decades Delta has gone through a variety of changes. In the early days Delta was strictly a research organization, but we’ve changed and we do a lot more now. As The Duck Hunters Organization™ we focus on making a difference with our research for both ducks and duck hunters. You can support Delta Waterfowl’s research efforts by donating today.

Our research is the core of what we do. As a science based organization it backs everything we do for ducks and for hunters. We’ve done a great deal of research over the last hundred years.

Today, we’re studying how to make policy that works for both ducks and farmers on the prairies. We’re studying and evaluating techniques that can produce ducks and put more of them in the fall flight. We recognize the need to know much more about hunters and their needs. What are their barriers to getting into hunting – is it access, opportunity, regulations? We also dedicate a team of resources to focus on the next generation and what it takes to recruit them to the great sport of waterfowling.

Delta’s research program has changed; it’s now the backdrop. It serves to support the work that we do as The Duck Hunters Organization. Here to produce ducks and serve the needs of duck hunters.

“The University of Ducks”

Delta Waterfowl’s research asks the hard questions and gets results for waterfowl populations and hunters across North America. Science remains a key pillar of Delta Waterfowl’s approach to advocating the right solutions for ducks and duck hunters, whether it relates to duck biology, management techniques, or policy issues. You can support Delta Waterfowl's research efforts by donating today.

Our research asks the important questions facing waterfowl and their habitat, tests and identifies new tools for raising more ducks, and helps our efforts to affect policy to conserve habitat. In recent years, we’ve expanded to include on key topics affecting waterfowl hunting. It is Delta Waterfowl’s research that allows us to continue our leadership in cutting edge discoveries about waterfowl and their habitat, the development of innovative new duck production tools and better understand the issues that affect our days in the field. Support Delta Waterfowl's research program.